To maximize your practice and improve your technique


Trick Shots & Half Court Shots

Game shots are the most important shots to practice! Lay-ups, 2 footers, free throws, and 10-foot jumpers. Very rarely do you need to hit a half-court shot or a fade away 3.

When taking your shots, concentrate your efforts inside the 3-point arc. Ten- to 12-foot jump shots will help you work on your form and you will become a better shooter!


Sample Workouts

200-Shot Workout

  • 20 Layups – 10 rh & 10 lh
  • 40 Free throws
  • 20 Block to block rh & lh
  • 20 Right wing
  • 20 Left wing
  • 20 Right elbow
  • 20 Left elbow
  • 20 Right baseline 10 ft
  • 20 Left baseline 10 ft

100-Shot Workout:

  • 10 Layups – 5 rh & 5 lh
  • 20 Free throws
  • 10 Block to block rh & lh
  • 10 Right wing
  • 10 Left wing
  • 10 Right elbow
  • 10 Left elbow
  • 10 Right baseline 10 ft
  • 10 Left baseline 10 ft

Work That Footwork!

The athlete needs to use proper shooting technique when taking shots at game speed.

Remember while you’re taking your shots this summer: Game speed matters!

Getting your footwork down and your hands ready before you receive the ball will lead to much greater success.


Master the Free Throws!

Free throws are a very important part of the game of basketball. We can't stress enough how important free throws are in the development of your game.

At least 20% of every shooting session in the 10,000 shot club should include shots from the free throw line.